Five Day Messiah/Stupid HumIn Tricks "Twice As Nice" Split Cassette Classic Colorado Front Range Audio Recordings


Side A (5DM)
1. Intro
2. A Means To An End, Not A Career Choice
3. Indecision
4. Stick Figure
5. Question No. 3
6. Junior High Daze
7. Hell-Bound And Happy
8. I Want To Be A Zookeeper
9. We're All Gonna Die
10. Hidden Track
11. Outro

Side B (SHIT)
12. Intro
13. A Splendid Year
14. Revelations 6:66
15. Death By Turntable
16. Green Bicycle
17. Holy Shit
18. Hey, Guess What... Nevermind
19. Let Down
20. Discussion Of Mars

Not Bad Records, NBR-007. Clear cassette tape. 1st press: paper sticker labels on tape, 2nd press: ink directly imprinted on tape. Released in 1999.