V/A "Suburban Home Records And Distribution Music Sampler" CD Other Audio Recordings


1. The Gamits- Dotted Lines
2. The Kite-eating Tree- Sighs Of The Curator
3. Counterfit- Managing The Details Of An Undertaking
4. Irradio- One Sound
5. The Escape Engine- Welcome To The Conversation
6. Stereotyperider- Jumping On Someone Else's Train
7. Split Habit- 100 Dollar Guarantee
8. Alli With An I- For Future Reference
9. Inspection 12- Again
10. Action Toolbelt- Away Home
11. Amazing Transparent Man- Pinkeye
12. Race The Sun- As Wings Develop
13. Laymen Terms- 3 Weeks In
14. Respira- Delicate Killer
15. Love Me Destroyer- Add Vice
16. The Independents- Wolf's Howel
17. Forty Winks- Sweet Sweet Frenzy
18. Straight Outta Junior High- Girlfriend
19. Ryan's Hope- Condemning Hope
20. Kane Hodder- Aboard The Leper Colony
21. We're All Broken- Ambrosia
22. Zombie Apocalypse- Welcome To The Jungle

Suburban Home Records. Compact disc. Released in 2004.