V/A "Potluck- A Ska Concoction" CD Other Audio Recordings


1. Slow Gherkin 'Shed Some Skin'
2. The Ray-Guns 'Memorized Your #'
3. The Decepticonz 'You Know Who You Are'
4. MU330 '32 Cents'
5. Edna's Goldfish 'Instant Message (Live)'
6. The Pietasters 'Tell You Why (Comply Mix)'
7. The Alcoskalics 'The Bus Never Comes'
8. Secret Agent 8 'Out Of Control'
9. Short Round 'Pants'
10. Secret Cajun Band 'Bill For Short'
11. Spring Heeled Jack USA MCMLIX'
12. Jeffries Fan Club 'I Can Live With That'
13. Monkey 'Bachelor'
14. The Diablotones 'BMW'
15. One Cool Guy 'Skank Away'
16. Mail Order Children 'Let Me Down'
17. Pavlov's Dogs! 'KK'
18. The Blackouts* 'Hard Guy'

Stub Daddy Records, SD-001. Compact disc. Released in 1999.