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Bud Bronson & The Good Timers "Between The Outfield And Outer Space" LP SLN-139

Side Outfield
1. Between The Outfield And Outer Space
2. We Are The Champions (Of The Basement)
3. Carmine's, The Day After (Life Of Purpose, Pt. I)
4. End Of Our Lives
5. Into The Infinite
6. Back To The Womb
7. Leave It Open

Side Outer Space
8. (Brave New) World Series
9. I. Parallel Universe
10. II. Runner's Up Requiem (Life Of Purpose, Pt. II)
11. III. The Good Guys Fight On

Pressing Information

SLN-139. 300 12" LP's on translucent green vinyl. Download code included. Released 10/12/18.