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As The Headlights Approach, SLN-226 Comes Along With Them!

'Dear In Headlights', the final single that comprises the "Ceremony Of Leaving" EP by Former Lives, has arrived alongside the full EP itself! For anyone that's been collecting the Former Lives digital singles, we wanted to make sure 'Dear In Headlights' was available as a standalone single (it's in our Web Store and on our Bandcamp). That's already worth celebrating, but the even bigger cause for celebration is that the world now has access to the entire "Ceremony Of Leaving" EP as Former Lives (aka Sean Klassen and friends) had envisioned when completing the writing and recording for the record. "Ceremony Of Leaving" comes as a single sided 12" on 180g classic black vinyl and spins at 33.3 RPM. You can obtain a 12" (with download) or the digital-only version from our WEB STORE, as well as our BANDCAMP. The packaging is extra cool, with a die cut jacket and interchangeable cover art inserts that correspond with each of the 5 singles that make up the full EP. We are excited to be releasing this in conjunction with the brand new Former Lives label imprint. The 12" is distributed by Recess Ops, plus you can also find the digital version on all the standard streaming sites. From concept to the final product, Former Lives has delivered a stunning release, both sonically and visually!

Pressing Info: 100 limited edition single sided 12"s on 180g classic black vinyl in die cut jackets with interchangeable cover art inserts / digital extended player.

Love, The Staff

Posted on May 17th, 2022
Look At, And Listen To, The Bright Side... SLN-217 Has Arrived!

The long-awaited new album from LARAIGNÉ, "The Brightside Of It All" is out now! The Toronto, ON (Canada folks!) songwriter and traveling entertainer has delivered an honest and pure reflection of the human condition, set to music. Greg Laraigné, known professionally as LARAIGNÉ, is backed by a high-energy full band on many of the tracks while his acoustic tracks stand strongly right next to the rockers. "The Brightside Of It All" LP spins at 33.3 RPM and comes on smokey clear vinyl. You can grab an LP (with download) or the digital-only version from our WEB STORE, as well as our BANDCAMP. We are pleased to have teamed up with our buddies at Shield Recordings (The Netherlands) on this one. The LP is distributed by Recess Ops (US/North America), plus you can also find the digital version on all the usual streamies. LARAIGNÉ will be looking to play every corner of the world with this album, so grab your copy and catch a show when he hits your town!

Pressing Info: 320 12" LP's on smokey clear vinyl / digital long player. Fold-out poster included with LP copies while supplies last.

Love, The Staff

Posted on May 11th, 2022
Still No Need To Be Nervous, SLN-228 Is Out Now!

Release day is upon us for the second album from Night Court, "Nervous Birds! Too"! "NB!T" represents the second half of the Nervous Birds! Duology, which was preceded by the wonderfully received “Nervous Birds! One”. Just like with "NB!O", "NB!T is a co-release with Canadian imprint Debt Offensive Records. "Nervous Birds! Too" is another collection of lo-fi garage-punk bangers, expertly executed in now-trademark Night Court fashion. It's available on clear cassette/digital as well as simply digital-only via our WEB STORE and our BANDCAMP. The buzz on this album was pretty big and we're all in luck because it delivers... and then some! The cassette is distributed by Recess Ops and it can also be found in all the best independent record stores along Colorado's Front Range. The album is up on all the usual digital/streaming sites as well. What will Night Court bring us next?! A trilogy?! We'll just have to make do with the current duology until them nervous birds drop the next hint!

Pressing Info: 100 clear cassette tapes / digital long player. Co-release with Debt Offensive Records (Canada).

Love, The Staff

Posted on May 6th, 2022
State Drugs Is Set To Explode Out Of Your Radio!

Guess what?! A new 5-song EP from State Drugs is headed this way! "Explosions On The Radio" is set for release on May 20, 2022. Their last LP, "Live. Laugh. Love.", was a runaway smash and this new EP (on cassette and/or digital) picks right up where that album left off. "Explosions On The Radio" is full of the catchy, punk-inflected, 90's-inspired alt-rock that you've come to know and love from the State Drugs gang. Somehow they just keep getting better and better! You can pre-order the EP on your choice of light gray cassette tape (with download), transparent dark gray cassette tape (with download) or plain digital-only from our WEB STORE, as well as our BANDCAMP, right now. You'll get a download of the lead single and title track 'Explosions On The Radio' immediately and the full EP on release day. The single is also up on all the digi-streams today, as well as our bandcamp sampler. We're teaming up with Ashtray Monument again for this one and that's just icing on an already great cake. Alrighty folks, better hop on it!

Love, The Staff

Posted on May 2nd, 2022
Wave Hello To 'Goodbye Nothing', The Next Single From Former Lives!

Former Lives is getting closer to the vinyl release of the limited 12” EP entitled “Ceremony Of Leaving”! Their latest single, 'Goodbye Nothing', is the second to last track before the 5th and final single is unveiled to complete the full extended player next month. Once again, 'Goodbye Nothing', is a pay-what-you-want track and is a co-release with Former Lives Records. Get the song from our WEB STORE or from our BANDCAMP. The tune is also on all the usual digi-streaming sites. Remember, tune in next month, May 17th, for the final single and full EP from Former Lives!

Love, The Staff

Posted on April 22nd, 2022