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n0 Gun Releases Collaborative EP Benefiting Planned Parenthood Of The Rockies!

Not too long ago in Salt Lake City, UT, there was a band called n0 Gun. Comprised of Eric Bliss (formerly of SLN alum Mako1972), Ben Dodd and Mike DiTullio, the band played a scorching style of post-hardcore. Their sound was informed by their natural chemistry as well as their past projects, which include Form of Rocket, I Am Electric, Lavinia, Cannons and Accidente. When n0 Gun ended their four-year run, they had just recorded a five song EP, with four of the songs missing vocals. As they began to think about how this labor of love could become complete, Roe v. Wade was struck down. To support a woman’s right to choose, the band decided to finish the recordings with various vocalists from across the US and turn it into a benefit release. The collection of songs became the “EP For Women’s Bodily Autonomy” and it’s out right now! You can obtain the digital-only EP via our WEB STORE or our BANDCAMP at the pay-what-you-want pricing structure, with all proceeds being donated to Planned Parenthood Of The Rocky Mountains. The “EP For Women’s Bodily Autonomy” features vocal contributions from Brooke Suffridge (of NC’s Alcantara), Matt Hall (of AL/TN’s New Brutalism), Peter Makowski (of UT’s Swarmer), Mike Guarrine (of IL’s Nude Model) and John “Chuck” Goshert (formerly of CA East Bay legends, Monsula), along with stunning cover art by Elena Gwyneth. The EP is also available on all streaming platforms, with any proceeds earned from streams also going to Planned Parenthood Of The Rocky Mountains. For more information on this project, please visit n0 Gun’s social media and bandcamp pages. This is truly a national effort. To all who can donate and/or contribute in other ways in support of women’s bodily autonomy and abortion access, we thank you!

Love, The Staff

Posted on October 6th, 2023
Hooper Is Set To Return With A Masterful New Album!

Greetings worldwide interweb enthusiasts! We are pleased to officially announce that our longest-tenured band, Hooper, has LP3 on the way! “Swim the Races Nobody Wants” will be released on 12" vinyl LP and digital long player on November 9, 2023. Lead single, ‘Latitudes’, is up on our bandcamp sampler and will also come as an immediate download with pre-orders of Hooper’s latest full length effort. Speaking of pre-orders, you can do so from our WEB STORE as well as our BANDCAMP right now! “Swim the Races Nobody Wants” shows Hooper leaning further into their indie rock side while still retaining their trademark angular elements drawn from a host of 90’s post-hardcore influences. ‘Latitudes’ serves as an apt snapshot of the album as well as a triumphant cheer that Hooper is back in full force. It’s been 12 years since Hooper premiered on SLN and all they’ve managed to do is deliver their best material to date. Any band should be so lucky in their longevity and creativity! Thankfully, us Hooper fans are the luckiest of all.

Love, The Staff

Posted on October 5th, 2023
Listen To The Pattern Of Fuzz Perfected! SLN-249 Is Out Now!

Let's all celebrate the brand new LP from our latest roster addition, Guest Directors! “Interference Patterns” is out now on classic black vinyl LP (with numbered obi strip!), compact disc and digital. All formats can be found in our WEB STORE and on our BANDCAMP. Physical media options come with free downloads of course. Guest Directors' “Interference Patterns” has been released in partnership with Topsy Records, the indie label run by Julie D of these Guest Directors as well as The Drolls. This fuzzed-out grungegaze banger is distributed by our pals at Recess Ops and will soon be found at all of the choicest record shops in the greater Denver and Seattle metropolitan areas. Keep your eyes peeled over at Green Noise Records too. Quantities of the LP's and CD's are limited, so act fast if you want to hold this one in your hands. The art alone is worth it and you still get the awesome music!

Pressing Info: 100 12" LP's on classic black vinyl with hand numbered obi strip / digital long player. 100 compact discs / digital long player. Co-release with Topsy Records. Released 9/22/23.

Love, The Staff

Posted on September 22nd, 2023
Chap Returns With A Stellar Full-Band Extended Player!

Please join us in celebrating the release of “Sickness Sorcery Marriage And Death”, the excellent new digital extended player by Chap! Following up 2020’s “Free TV” EP, “Sickness Sorcery Marriage And Death” is the first full-band recording of what was initially a solo project of longtime Colorado musician Tom Chagolla. Tom is now joined by his Native Daughters bandmate Colin Madden on the drums, as well as despAIR jordan’s Danny Aranow on lead guitar (bassist Chip Dziedzic recently departed, but a new thumper is incoming shortly). This latest EP is more than a natural progression from where the band started, it’s a statement piece on the power of collaboration. Chap is greater than the sum of it’s parts and “Sickness Sorcery Marriage And Death” is just the beginning of what the band is capable of doing collectively. You can obtain the digital-only EP via our WEB STORE or our BANDCAMP at the fan friendly pay-what-you-want pricing structure. It’s also available on all the streamables. Stay tuned for more live shows from Chap as they celebrate this fantastic new EP!

Love, The Staff

Posted on September 14th, 2023
Two All-Time Great Garage Rock Bands Join Forces! Friends Of Cesar Romero & The Manxx Have Released A Collaborative EP!

J. Waylon Porcupine has been at the helm of Rapid City, SD garage rock super unit Friends Of Cesar Romero for over 10 years. He’d call it carport rock and that’s just as apt. It’s been almost 10 years since legendary Denver, CO garage rock powerhouse The Manxx, led by Sara Belle, have been active. What better way to enjoy the two bands than with one brand new collaborative EP?! The digital extended player, officially dubbed “Friends Of Cesar Romero & The Manxx”, has been awhile in the making. Both fans of each other’s work, J. Waylon and Sara wound up trading some unfinished songs, including a track started by the final lineup of The Manxx prior to their breakup. Magic ensued and 3 fresh rockers (including a cover of The Drags!) emerged. You can grab the digital-only EP via our WEBSTORE or our BANDCAMP at pay-what-you-want pricing. It’s also on all the streamies out there. FOCR is still active and if you’ve been following the Doomed Babe Series, you already know that J. Waylon and company remain incredibly prolific. Sara’s current rock output is with the excellent Tuff Bluff, who are no strangers to SLN themselves. So, go listen to the double radness that is Friends Of Cesar Romero & The Manxx!

Love, The Staff

Posted on September 7th, 2023