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Digital Distro Hiccup...

Bummer news gang. This includes the newest Empty Palace and Pink Hawks releases and the upcoming new State Drugs release. We hope it’s fixed ASAP and before the upcoming new Heaty Beat release. WTF! 🤬😢

Posted on February 12th, 2021
Pink Hawks Deliver Another Scorcher!

Pink Hawks have a new digital single out today! It's called 'Alibi' and it's a pay-what-you-want track. You can grab the tune from our WEB STORE or from our BANDCAMP. 'Alibi' is another energetic explosion of social commentary set to the signature groove that Pink Hawks have spent years perfecting. Longtime friends and fans will once again recognize the effort and appreciate the result from such an eclectic and fierce band. Thanks so much for supporting honest and soulful independent music!

Love, The Staff

Posted on February 12th, 2021
SLN-192 Contains A Wealth Of Rock 'N' Roll Secrets!

What isn't a secret is that the brand new Empty Palace album, "Secret Names", is out now! We don't want to give away any of the other secrets that await your ears, but you can be sure that the album contains 11 tracks of ripping psychedelic space rock that are executed with precision perfection. Would you expect any less from Empty Palace? The album comes on striking clear with gold foil liner cassette tapes and a digital download is included. You can order a cassette copy or a digital-only copy from our WEB STORE or from our BANDCAMP (today is bandcamp Friday too!). You can also find this amazing album on all the standard digital/streaming sites, plus the cassette is distributed by Recess Ops. Colorado folks can soon find it at our favorite record stores as well. If you can't get enough Empty Palace, we now have a limited quantity of their "Moon" t-shirt available HERE. "Secret Names" is our first physical release of 2021 and we're pretty darn happy to have our old buddies' new album as such. Thanks y'all!

Pressing Info: 100 clear with gold foil liner cassette tapes.

Love, The Staff

Posted on February 5th, 2021
SLN-203eeeeeeee From Way Downtown!

Y’all just got dunked on! The debut album from despAIR jordan, “Before Your Wings Gave Out” is officially out now. The album features 6 songs of well-crafted, angular post-punk.It definitely runs as a long player with each song being a mini saga full of energy and emotion. despAIR Jordan may be a new band, but they are already masters at their craft, blending elements of late 70’s/early 80’s UK post-punk with the modern pop-sensibilities of more recent post-punk and post-hardcore acts. You can order the digital long player in our Web Store HERE, as well as on our bandcamp HERE. It’s also streaming on all the usual spots. If “Before Your Wings Gave Out” is what the band can bring on their first effort, imagine where they’ll go from here!

Love, The Staff

Posted on January 18th, 2021
State Drugs Wants To Share The Love!

Wanna know what’s sweet?! A new album from State Drugs! “Live. Laugh. Love.” is set for release on Valentine’s Day, 2/14/21. Whether or not you’re a fan of the so-called “holiday”, ya gotta love new music from a great band! State Drugs is a band from Denver, CO that try their best to make catchy yet refined songs, like the kind they would have listened to 20 years ago. "It’s like the Gin Blossoms if only Dave Lombardo played drums" said some drunk passerby one time. Slowly birthed at the end of 2015-early 2016 from fragments of songs hibernating on a hard drive, State Drugs released 3 EP's before partnering with ours truly and Toxic Pop Records to release a collections LP titled "Takings and Leaving" in 2019. Now, the band is set to unleash their new LP, "Live. Laugh. Love.", which we are releasing in partnership with Ashtray Monument Records. You can pre-order the vinyl LP in our Web Store HERE right now (be sure to check out the appropriately themed limited bonus sleeve print editions)! You'll get lead single 'Threat Level Midnight' right away and the full album on release day. The LP is $15.00 (with download of course) and the digital long player is pay-what-you-want. The standard edition LP is also available on our bandcamp HERE, along with 'Threat Level Midnight'. This is our first 12” vinyl LP of 2021 and we’re darn happy to share it with all our friends & fans so soon!

Love, The Staff

Posted on January 14th, 2021