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SLN-237 Is For Humans, By Humans!

Hello humans and other life forms capable of enjoying music! Today is release day for the third Night Court album, “Humans!”. It's available as a classic black 12" vinyl LP and digital long player, co-released once again with Canada's excellent Debt Offensive Records. Grab “Humans!” from our WEB STORE and/or our BANDCAMP if you didn't already hop on the pre-order from a few weeks ago. This latest Night Court LP is distributed by Recess Ops and will soon be found in Denver and Vancouver area record stores. You might remember that there are 100 copies of the vinyl that include a limited edition numbered band zine. We are out of our copies that come with the zine, but Green Noise Records currently has a few in stock as exclusive retail editions. Even if you miss grabbing a copy with a zine, we can guarantee that the LP sans zine is still a must-have delight! Thanks for checking things out and letting Night Court into your lives and onto your turntables!

Pressing Info: 300 12" LP's on classic black vinyl / digital long player. 100 copies include a limited edition numbered band zine. Co-release with Debt Offensive Records (Canada). Released 6/9/23.

Love, The Staff

Posted on June 9th, 2023
SLN-239 Is Here To Give You A Monthly Jolt Of Novelty Rock!

It's here! Today is the day that The Drolls release their new 7" single (also available digitally) that's the first in a totally fresh series, the "Novelty Rock Monthly Singles Club, Vol. One". The NRMSC features original songs by The Drolls, written in the styles of their favorite songs by artists they love. Vol. One pays tribute to the MC5 with 'Kick Out The Jammies' and Guided By Voices with 'I Am A Data Scientist'. Order your physical and/or digital copy via our WEB STORE and our BANDCAMP. The 7" is on delicious Café Au Lait colored vinyl, nestled inside a custom fold-over sleeve (download included). This fine slab of wax is distributed by Recess Ops and will also pop up in Denver and Seattle area record shops. You may recall the first 50 copies of the vinyl include an exclusive bonus custom band 7" Adapter (aka 45 Spacer). We have just a couple left! If you miss out from us, you can check Green Noise Records. We saved a batch for them with the spacers as exclusive retail editions! Oh, one more reminder concerning the Novelty Rock Monthly Singles Club... band energy, creative output and vinyl supply chain issues may impact the ability to release a single every month, or even ever again. Get your hands and your ears on this one fast folks!

Pressing Info: 250 7"s on Café Au Lait vinyl / digital single. 50 copies include a custom band 7" Adapter (aka 45 Spacer). Released 5/19/23.

Love, The Staff

Posted on May 19th, 2023
Get Loose With SPELLS All Over Again! "Loose Change, Vol. 2" Is Coming!

More SPELLS in 2023! A brand-new SPELLS collection album, "Loose Change, Vol. 2", is set to come out on June 29, 2023. “LCV2” contains early SPELLS material that has gone out of print or was only released digitally.This is the second SPELLS collection album and many of these songs are making their first appearance on vinyl. Each track has been expertly remastered for optimal aural stimulation. “LCV2” will be available as a 12” vinyl LP on "Dolphin" crystal clear/solid blue vinyl and "Dracula" transparent red/black vinyl (with download), as well as a standalone digital long player.“Loose Change, Vol. 2" is up for pre-order in our WEBSTORE and on our BANDCAMP. You'll get the digital single 'Deceiver' at time of purchase, plus the song is also up on our bandcamp sampler for curious ears.We are excited to share this release with several excellent labels, namely Motorcycle Potluck Records (USA), Big Neck Records (USA), Keep It A Secret Records (Germany) and Shield Recordings (The Netherlands).SPELLS will be playing a series of record release parties across Colorado’s front range in July, so stay tuned for that info. The 10th year of SPELLS (Rules!) cannot slow down!

Love, The Staff

Posted on May 16th, 2023
Don't Be Cautious, Turn SLN-243 Up Twice As Loud!

Today is release day for everyone’s favorite five-piece vacation rock juggernaut, SPELLS! "What The Hell Is Caution + Some Would Say" is available as a clear 7" Flexi Disc (with digital download) and as a standalone Digital Single. It’s also up on all the sound-streaming applications one might prefer. SPELLS is all about quantity (and fairly passable quality!) when it comes to killer jams. This latest release features two songs pulled from sessions for their upcoming 3rd studio album. Also of note is that the 7” Flexi Disc format of “What The Hell Is Caution + Some Would Say” features 5 different cover variants, with each depicting a member of the band as a youth. Neat! The flexi and/or the digi can be ordered from our WEB STORE or our BANDCAMP. If you decide to order multiple copies of the flexi disc, you’ll get different cover variants for each of them (up to a full set of all 5). This release is distributed by Recess Ops and can be found at a variety of record shops in the greater Denver Metro area. SPELLS begins their 3-day run (May 11-13) with Jon Snodgrass & Buddies today, so check out the band’s socials for all the fun details. Year 10 of SPELLS (Rules!) continues to move right along!

Pressing Info: 250 clear square 7" flexi discs with 5 different cover variants (50 of each) / digital single. Released 5/11/23.

Love, The Staff

Posted on May 11th, 2023
The Beat Comes Back Around! SLN-247 Is Here!

Feliz Cinco De Mayo, segunda parte! "Revolver", the new EP from Trinidad, CO's snarliest and gnarliest punk rock powerhouse, Townies, is out now! "Revolver" is a 6-song detonation of basement punk ferocity that can be acquired on the compact disc format (digital download included) or as a standalone digital extended player from our WEB STORE or our BANDCAMP. Townies sharpened their most effective musical tools to make "Revolver" a truly blistering follow up to last year’s debut album, “Meet The Townies”. This release is distributed as usual by the excellent Recess Ops. It’s also available in all the finest of record shops in the greater Denver Metro area as well as some spots in southern CO and northern NM. The band has a release show in Santa Fe, NM tonight at Ghost, so get on out if you’re in the area!

Pressing Info: 150 compact discs in printed jackets / digital extended player. Released 5/5/23.

Love, The Staff

Posted on May 5th, 2023