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You Know Lawsuit Models, Now Prepare For "Unknown Ghosts"!

Denver, CO's very own Lawsuit Models, one of the earliest groups to earn a spot on the SLN roster, is about to drop their second full length album! "Unknown Ghosts" is set for release on July 8, 2022. You may recall that the first single off the LP, ‘Victory Nap’, came out as an early teaser last year. It set the tone nicely for "Unknown Ghosts", as it’s chock full of complementarily catchy heart-on-sleeve pop-punk anthems. You know, the kind of tunes that Lawsuit Models have built their impressive rep and catalog on. Old and new fans alike are in for another triumphant treat because the gang has once again excelled and even improved upon their already airtight craft! You can pre-order the LP on classic black vinyl (with download) or go digital-only from our WEB STORE, as well as our BANDCAMP, right now. You'll get an immediate download of the brand-new single 'Garden Wall Bathroom Stall', plus first single, 'Victory Nap', and the full album on release day. The single is also up on all the digity-streamers today, plus it’s on our bandcamp sampler. “Unknown Ghosts” is a co-release with another Denver favorite, Motorcycle Potluck Records, so that makes for a double, or at this point triple, good time. Get your summer sounds going and grab this one while it’s hot!

Love, The Staff

Posted on June 8th, 2022
Say Hey To Our Newest Buddies... Townies! Debut Album Up For Pre-Order!

Hey again out there! We are happy to officially welcome another new addition to our incredible roster- Townies! Townies hail from the southern Colorado metropolis of Trinidad and play punk rock in a classic style, akin to what you heard in "The Decline Of Western Civilization" or on all those Avengers bootlegs before they got their long-deserved reissues. “Meet The Townies!”, the aptly named debut album of Townies, will be released on cassette tape, compact disc and digital long player on June 24, 2022. You can pre-order the album from our WEB STORE or our BANDCAMP right now. The lead single, ‘I Don't Like The Beatles’, just premiered over at Punk Rock Theory and is also on our bandcamp sampler for immediate listening. "Meet The Townies!" was engineered by the band and pal Mike Clark (of Mike Clark & The Sugar Sounds fame) and mastered by the legendary John Baldwin. Townies are doing a few dates surrounding the album's release and they're looking forward to scaring olds in your town soon!

Love, The Staff

Posted on June 3rd, 2022
Let's Get Physical! The Debut 7" From Rootbeer Richie & The Reveille Is Available For Pre-Order!

As we mentioned when first introducing swamp pop provocateurs Rootbeer Richie & The Reveille to the world, the band's first two digital singles would soon be properly released on a classic gold sleeve SLN 7” 45. Well, soon has become now and the "Something Like This / The Tide" 7" is in hand and up for pre-order now via our WEB STORE as well as our BANDCAMP. The 7" comes on Ron Burgundy colored vinyl and features one of three different bonus insert colorways! A digital version is also included with the 7". This record is so hot, there's not even an A side or a B side... it's a double A side 45! June 17th is the release date for the vinyl and RR&TR will be celebrating "Something Like This / The Tide" that very same night in Denver at the world famous Hi-Dive. Grab the new record ASAP so you can tell your friends you knew Rootbeer Richie & the Reveille before they were superstars!

Love, The Staff

Posted on June 1st, 2022
You Were Warned! SLN-227 Is Exploding Out Of Radios Across The Land!

Howdy folks! The new 5-song EP from State Drugs, "Explosions On The Radio", is out now! "Explosions On The Radio" is filled with hooky, punky, 90's-esque indie-alt-rock. It's as if the band members were plopped down in front of the TV all day in the summer of 1994 and mostly just watched and listened to MTV's Buzz Bin and 120 Minutes, respectively. State Drugs channel that through modern sensibilities to create the unique style that makes the band instantly recognizable. You can grab the EP on your choice of light gray cassette tape (with download), transparent dark gray cassette tape (with download) or plain old digital-only from our WEB STORE, as well as our BANDCAMP. If you're a streamer, it's on all the sites. Physical copies are being distributed by Recess Ops and you can also find the cassettes at the best record shops in the greater Denver area. Before we leave you, we also wanted to reiterate how pleased we are to be partnering with Ashtray Monument (Buffalo, NY) once again to bring you this latest installment of State Drugs hits!

Pressing Info: 50 light gray cassette tapes / digital long player, 50 transparent dark gray cassette tapes. Co-release with Ashtray Monument. Released 5/20/22.

Love, The Staff

Posted on May 20th, 2022
As The Headlights Approach, SLN-226 Comes Along With Them!

'Dear In Headlights', the final single that comprises the "Ceremony Of Leaving" EP by Former Lives, has arrived alongside the full EP itself! For anyone that's been collecting the Former Lives digital singles, we wanted to make sure 'Dear In Headlights' was available as a standalone single (it's in our Web Store and on our Bandcamp). That's already worth celebrating, but the even bigger cause for celebration is that the world now has access to the entire "Ceremony Of Leaving" EP as Former Lives (aka Sean Klassen and friends) had envisioned when completing the writing and recording for the record. "Ceremony Of Leaving" comes as a single sided 12" on 180g classic black vinyl and spins at 33.3 RPM. You can obtain a 12" (with download) or the digital-only version from our WEB STORE, as well as our BANDCAMP. The packaging is extra cool, with a die cut jacket and interchangeable cover art inserts that correspond with each of the 5 singles that make up the full EP. We are excited to be releasing this in conjunction with the brand new Former Lives label imprint. The 12" is distributed by Recess Ops, plus you can also find the digital version on all the standard streaming sites. From concept to the final product, Former Lives has delivered a stunning release, both sonically and visually!

Pressing Info: 100 limited edition single sided 12"s on 180g classic black vinyl in die cut jackets with interchangeable cover art inserts / digital extended player.

Love, The Staff

Posted on May 17th, 2022