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Guest Directors Are The Latest Addition To Team SLN! Pre-Order Their New Album Now!

We are pleased to welcome Guest Directors from Seattle, WA to the SLN roster! Featuring former members of TAD and Chinchilla, Seattle’s Guest Directors reflect a multitude of emotional and musical pathways through reverb-drenched Jazzmasters that spit out post-shoegaze rock, dream pop, power pop and noise. On their forthcoming LP, “Interference Patterns”, the songs spiral one after another - sometimes powerful and sometimes delicate. They can sound like snowflakes and hail storms, sometimes in the same song. You can pre-order “Interference Patterns" in our WEB STORE and on our BANDCAMP as a classic black vinyl LP (with a cool obi strip on the jacket, plus a free download), a compact disc (free DL too) or a digital long player. You’ll get lead single, ‘From This Distance’, immediately and you can also check that tune out via our bandcamp sampler right now. “Interference Patterns” is being released in conjunction with Seattle’s Topsy Records, which is run by Guest Directors band leader (and bassist of The Drolls) Julie D. It’s another family affair at SLN and we’re pretty dang happy about that! We think our listeners will be too.

Love, The Staff

Posted on September 1st, 2023
Surprise! It’s No Surprise That ZEPHR Delivers On SLN-246!

Surprise and happy release day to ZEPHR and their brand new cassingle, "Battle Of The Overpass”! The ZEPHR boys (of Denver, CO) bring us 2 great tunes on one stylish format. The A side, ‘Battle Of The Overpass’, is a brand new song that was recorded at our very own Snappy Little Studios. The B side, ‘Rosewood (Acoustic)’, is a fresh rendition of a classic favorite that saw an early streaming release last week. “Battle Of The Overpass” can be acquired in our WEBSTORE as well as on our BANDCAMP as a red translucent cassingle tape and/or a digital single. Both songs are individual singles on all the streaming spots for all the streamers out there too. ‘Battle Of The Overpass’ is also on our bandcamp sampler if you wanna check that out! This quality little reel-to-reel will be distributed by our friends at Recess Ops and will soon be found at all of the finest record shops in the greater Denver Metro area. Okie doke gang, go crank the latest ZEPHR and we’ll keep the machine running! Thanks!

Pressing Info: 100 red translucent cassette tapes / digital single. Released 8/31/23.

Love, The Staff

Posted on August 31st, 2023
25 Years In The Making, SLN-221 Was Worth The Wait!

We are thrilled to say that "Demo 98" by indie rock royalty, Sarah Shannon, is officially out in the world! You’ve likely heard the story of “Demo 98”, but here’s a refresher… Sarah Shannon was just about one year removed from 90's Washington, DC indie rock band, Velocity Girl, in 1998. She had a handful of tunes she wanted to work out to get started on a solo career. She went into WGNS Studios after enlisting the help of two of her friends- Geoff Turner (Gray Matter, Three) and Adam Wade (Jawbox, Shudder To Think). Geoff would serve as engineer, guitarist and bassist while Adam steered the boat from behind the drum kit. After the recording session wrapped, it wouldn’t be long before Sarah relocated to Seattle, WA. The tapes got buried on a shelf for 20+ years until Geoff rediscovered them. The trio was pleasantly surprised at how good the songs still sounded. Now, 25 years later, “Demo 98” has received a proper release. "Demo 98" is available as a 12" EP on classic black vinyl (with download) and as a digital-only extended player. All formats can be procured from our WEBSTORE and our BANDCAMP. We’ve released "Demo 98" in conjunction with Minty Fresh Records, who previously worked with Sarah on some of her solo albums. They’re handling primary distribution, but rest assured you’ll still see some copies in some of the usual places where other SLN titles can be found. We cannot understate how incredibly cool it is to be a small part of this record and it’s story! Don’t sleep on this one gang, it’s proving to already be quite the popular disc. Thanks to so many folks out there for pushing this one to the top of the would-be charts!

Pressing Info: 300 12" EP's on classic black vinyl / digital extended player. Co-release with Minty Fresh Records. Released 7/28/23.

Love, The Staff

Posted on July 28th, 2023
Hackman Is Ok Is More Than Ok! Ok?! Ok!

We are happy to share that Denver CO’s Hackman Is Ok has officially joined team SLN! Hackman Is Ok is the solo moniker of Justin Hackl, a longtime friend of SLN who’s primary band, Native Daughters, is also in our fabulous talent pool. Hackman Is Ok is a home where some of Hackl’s additional creative output culminates into diverse collections of songs. Many tunes feature guests that bring even more to the table stylistically. Hackman Is Ok’s latest EP, "Four Part Collaboration", was just released digitally today (7/20/23)! You can find “Four Part Collaboration" in our WEB STORE and on our BANDCAMP as a pay-what-you-want digital extended player. It’s also available on all the streaming sites where streams are streamed. Guests on the EP include Scooter James, Danny McCarthy, Joey Coloroso and Adam Reed. Two of the tracks feature Matty Clark, Cody Hull and Ben Roy, who along with Hackl, will continue as a band called Arson Charge. Pretty cool stuff! Thanks for checking out the latest tunes from Hackman and friends!

Love, The Staff

Posted on July 20th, 2023
There’s Nothing Simple About SLN-236… It’s Already A Hit!

Happy release day to The Ape-ettes and their brand new 7"/Digital Extended Player, "Simply! On this EP, The Ape-ettes (of Sudbury, ON, Canada) deliver 4 tracks of purely perfect garage greatness. “Simply” comes on clear w/ red & blue splatter vinyl or sky blue vinyl (with downloads of course) or as a standalone digital extended player. No matter one’s preference, they can all be obtained in our WEBSTORE as well as on our BANDCAMP. We are so pleased to have The Ape-ettes on the SLN roster! We’re equally happy to be releasing this EP in conjunction with Reta Records (also Canadian via Montreal, QC). This smash platter will be distributed by our pals at Recess Ops and will soon be found at a variety of top record shops in the greater Denver Metro area as well as greater Sudbury and Montreal. Before too long our friends at Green Noise Records will have copies available too. This one has been moving fast and for good reason… it’s an outstanding record. Don’t miss out!

Pressing Info: 90 7" EP's on clear with red & blue splatter vinyl / digital extended player, 130 7" EP's on sky blue vinyl / digital extended player. Co-release with Reta Records (Canada). Released 7/13/23.

Love, The Staff

Posted on July 12th, 2023