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Glass Hits "Better Never Than Late" LP SLN-111

Side A
1. You're The Icing On A Cake That Never Should've Been Made In The First Place 1:43
2. Combat Relics 2:23
3. There Is No We 1:29
4. Paralysis By Analysis 2:44
5. Airborne and Aerosol 2:01

Side B
6. Crawl 2:47
7. Longtime Listener/First-Time Caller 2:33
8. Bleeding Ink 3:26
9. Labor Pains 3:07
10. The Gift of Fight or Flight 2:22

Pressing Information

SLN-111. 100 12" LP's on split clear/black vinyl with silk screened/hand stamped outer sleeves (original jackets inside), 200 12" LP's on black vinyl. Download code included. Released 12/20/13.

Screened and stamped outer sleeves courtesy of Cause Medic Ink. There could be slight variability between copies, but that just makes it extra cool.