Snappy Little CD Sampler Vol. 2 SLN-SV2

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1. Friends Of Cesar Romero "Zima Horses"
2. SPELLS "S-P-E-L-L-S Spells SPELLS (SPELLS Rules)"
3. Dirty Few "Throw Up"
4. Four! "At The Show"
5. Lawsuit Models "Recycled Lines"
6. Hooper "Unfinished Basements"
7. SPELLS "Pick Me Up"
8. Glass Hits "Action Potential"
9. Mako 1972 "Cannonball Lecture"
10. Empty Palace "Human Trampoline"
11. Hooper "The Shallows"
12. 25 Rifles "All Else Fails"

The second CD sampler from us. All orders of any kind get a free Snappy Little Numbers CD sampler (while supplies last)!

You can order one for free and just pay shipping if ya want, otherwise buy some other stuff and get one anyways!

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Pressing Information

SLN-SV2. 50 CD's. Released 7/2/18.