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Bud Bronson & The Good Timers "Between The Outfield And Outer Space" LP Test Press SLN-139

Side A.
1. Between The Outfield And Outer Space
2. We Are The Champions (Of The Basement)
3. Carmine's, The Day After (Life Of Purpose, Pt. I)
4. End Of Our Lives
5. Into The Infinite
6. Back To The Womb
7. Leave It Open

Side B.
8. (Brave New) World Series
9. I. Parallel Universe
10. II. Runner's Up Requiem (Life Of Purpose, Pt. II)
11. III. The Good Guys Fight On

Pressing Information

Certified authentic test pressing of SLN-139! Comes in a red jacket, white dust sleeve and poly sleeve with a sticker of authenticity signed by label owner Chuck Coffey.

Year: 2018
Pressing plant: United
Vinyl color: Black
Quantity made: 10