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Eyes & Ears "Burn It Down To The Ground: The Complete Recordings" Cassette SLN-146

Side A.
1. The Beach Is Tight
2. Chemicals
3. Getting Closer To God Sounds Like A Bummer
4. Tiger Bomb
5. Watch Me Ignite
6. Weight Of All Worlds
7. The Tourist
8. Ride The Fence
9. I'm A Bug
10. Aloha Motherfuckers

Side B.
11. Slave Wage
12. Explorer
13. Intersection
14. Chrome And Clean
15. Howl At The Moon
16. French Lick
17. Got It Bad
18. One Boat
19. Washington State Has Seen Better Days
20. Carpool
21. I Buried My Heart Under Bar Bar (Then Burned It Down To The Ground)

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Pressing Information

SLN-146. 100 bronze metallic cassette tapes, download code included. Released 11/10/18.