Snappy Little CD Sampler Vol. 3 SLN-SV2

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1. Eyes & Ears “Watch Me Ignite”
2. Great American House Fire “Molotov Cocktail Hobbyist”
3. False Cathedrals “Destroy Your Favorite Things”
4. Modern Goon “This Empty Space (24 Hours)”
5. Bud Bronson & the Good Timers “We Are The Champions (Of The Basement)”
6. Sophisticated Boom Boom “Girls In Bands Aren’t Just For Looking At”
7. Friends Of Cesar Romero “Wear Me Like A Weapon”
8. SPELLS “At Night”

The second CD sampler from us. All orders of any kind get a free Snappy Little Numbers CD sampler (while supplies last)!

You can order one for free and just pay shipping if ya want, otherwise buy some other stuff and get one anyways!

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SLN-SV3. 50 CD's. Released 11/4/18.