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Black Dots "Everything Has Gotta Change" 12" SLN-151

Side A.
1. I'm Already Gone.
2. Like Oceans.
3. I Knew It! I'm Surrounded By Assholes.
4. What's Up With This Getting Old Thing?
5. Would You Say I Have A Plethora?
6. Opa.
7. Awkward Is My Middle Name!
8. Sweep The Leg.

Side B.

Pressing Information

SLN-151. 285 single sided 12"s on translucent orange vinyl with white ink silk screened B sides. Download code included. Split release with La Escalera Records. Released 3/30/19.

Screened vinyl courtesy of Indie Rock Daydream. There could be slight variability between copies, but that just makes it extra cool.