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Lightning Cult "EP2: Ether Waves" Cassette SLN-158

EP2: Ether Waves (Side A)
1. Intro (a haunting)
2. Pacific Hits
3. Drifter/Bruiser
4. Delirio
5. Starcave

EP1: Burner (Side B bonus content)
1. Chrono
2. Five Beats
3. Southern Hemi Bluebird
4. David and the River
5. Two Islands

The cassette version features EP2: Ether Waves on Side A and as a bonus, EP1: Burner on Side B. Cassettes come with download codes for both EP's.

Pressing Information

SLN-158. 100 light blue cassette tapes, download codes included. Split release with Cloud Command Sound. Released 5/31/19.