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Foxhall Stacks "Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy" Cassingle SLN-159

Turntable Exiles

Law Of Averages

This is a special edition release, previously only available as a Jawbox 'An Impartial Overview' tour exclusive. Cambridge, MA show attendees got first crack on 6/14/19. Bill from Jawbox sings in Foxhall Stacks FYI.

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SLN-159. 175 Jawbox 'An Impartial Overview' special edition tour exclusive blue tint cassette tapes with obi strip, download code included. Copies purchased at Jawbox 'An Impartial Overview' 2019 tour stops come with a city-specific obi strip on sky blue or sea foam green cardstock. 25 standard edition blue tint cassette tapes, download code included. Released 6/14/19.