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Cheap Perfume "Burn It Down" LP/Digital (2nd Press) SLN-163

Side A.
1. Put The Devil To Bed
2. Goodbye Old Friend
3. Time's Up
4. Fauxminism

Side B.
5. It's OK To Punch Nazis
6. Bad Reputation
7. Relapse
8. Only One Of Us

LP comes with free download!

1st press sold out! 2nd press available now!


Pressing Information

SLN-163. 1st Press- 300 12" LP's on translucent aqua swirl vinyl, download included. 2nd press- 200 12" LP's on randomly mixed eco color vinyl, download included. Originally released 12/6/19. 2nd press released in 2023. Digital can be downloaded in MP3, FLAC and/or ALAC formats.