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Charlie Continental "Be Much Better (feat. Daryl Wilson, Ella Sugar and The Calgary Family Singers)" Flexi Disc 7" SLN-199

Be Much Better (feat. Daryl Wilson, Ella Sugar and The Calgary Family Singers)

"Be Much Better" is basically how I channeled some frustrations about world events into a short little song. I decided to do it in a 2 Tone-esque ska fashion since I've always loved the unity message and energy of ska, especially the 2 Tone era. I’m far from perfect, but this song is a small glimpse at the person that I try to be. I was lucky enough to get vocal contributions from some of my favorite people, all recorded in their homes on a variety of devices that I was then able to mix into the song at Snappy Little Studios. It was a lot of fun for all of us and we’re very fortunate to have a lot of positives in our lives. 100% of every purchase/donation (both flexi and digital) will be donated to Black Lives Matter 5280 (, Black Lives Matter Chicago ( and Black Trans Femmes In The Arts ( Words cannot express our gratitude to all who listen, follow, share and help with our efforts. Thanks!

Chuck Coffey
(aka Charlie Continental)


Pressing Information

SLN-199. 100 clear square 7" flexi discs with double-sided cover insert, download code included. Released 12/11/20.