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SPELLS & Hooper "Rock N Roll Swap Meet: Day 1" 7"/Digital SLN-187/SWAP-001

This is the first in a new series in which two bands not only cover a song by each other, but record an original song written for them by the other band. It will be available as a 7" EP as well as a digital extended player with bonus digital tracks exclusive to our web store or bandcamp!

7" Running Order:

Side Swap
1. SPELLS 'The Shallows'
2. Hooper 'Forget About Virginia'

Side Meet
1. SPELLS 'Corporate Welfare Queen'
2. Hooper 'Salted Breeze'

7" comes with free download!

The digital-only extended player version is pay-what-you-want. Thanks in advance for your generosity and support!

There are 80 limited edition copies of the 7" that come with a bonus hand numbered transparent insert courtesy of Indie Rock Daydream. These editions were exclusive to the artists and SLN in a limited quantity for direct pre-orders through 7/28/21. The remainder are release show exclusives (8/14/21 in Denver) and Green Noise Records retail exclusives ( until they sell out!

Direct Green Noise Records link:


Pressing Information

SLN-187/SWAP-001. 80 limited edition 7" EP's on hot pink vinyl with a bonus hand numbered transparent insert / digital extended player. 220 standard edition 7" EP's on hot pink vinyl / digital extended player. Released 8/13/21. Digital can be downloaded in MP3, FLAC and/or ALAC formats.


  1. The Shallows
  2. Forget About Virgina
  3. Corporate Welfare Queen
  4. Salted Breeze
  5. Salted Breeze (Charlie Continental Stimsell & Little Stevie Shithead Demo)
  6. Corporate Welfare Queen (Trevor McMorris Demo)