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Various Artists "SLN-210: 10 Year Anniversary Compilation" Compact Disc Set/Digital (+ random LTD Lathe Cut 7" giveaway!) SLN-210

Limited Edition 2 x CD Set (SLN-210) Running Order:

Disc 1:
1. Lawsuit Models- ‘Comatose’
2. Giggly Boys- ‘…And Other Claims To Fame’
3. Dinged Up- ‘Attack The Indolent’
4. Hooper- ‘Ticonderoga’
5. Cheap Perfume- ‘No Men (Comp Version)’
6. Heaty Beat- ‘In My Head’
7. Autogramm- ‘I Guess He’d Rather Be In Colorado’
8. Roka Hueka- ‘Sabor A Mi (Comp Version)’
9. Foxhall Stacks- ‘Rough Sailors (Early Vocal Mix)’
10. Sunshine Satellite- ‘Crowded’
11. Scooter James- ‘Mirrors' (Comp Version)
12. Broken Record- ‘Weightless’
13. Bad Year- ‘Get Well’
14. A Newer Lion- ‘Corvid’
15. New Standards Men- ‘Nephew Party’

Disc 2:
1. Alien Neighborhood- ‘God’s Favorite’
2. Jiffy Marx- ‘If He’s So Great’
3. Friends Of Cesar Romero- ‘Summer Boyfriend (Comp Version)’
4. Falsetto Boy- ‘I Can’t Do That Anymore’
5. Don Chicharron- ‘Tomasa Pop’
6. The Animal Steel- ‘Big Yikes!’
7. ZEPHR- ‘Hey Jealousy’
8. SPELLS- ‘Lola Can’t Dance (But Really She Can)’
9. Night Court- ‘Fuck Art School’
10. State Drugs- ‘Restless Mind’
11. Charlie Continental- ‘Rotted Wood’
12. Black Dots- ‘Redeem’
13. The Drolls- ‘Sad Little King (Comp Version)’
14. Seth Anderson- ‘Chlorine’
15. Empty Palace- ‘Pale Rider’

2 x CD set comes with free download!

The digital-only double long player version is pay-what-you-want. Thanks in advance for your generosity and support!

Limited Edition "All Smashed Up!" Mono Lathe Cut Companion 7" (SLN-210B) Running Order:

All Smashed Up! Part I

All Smashed Up! Part II

There are 15 "All Smashed Up!" hand numbered lathe cut companion 7"s on clear vinyl with stamped B sides (SLN-210B), only available as random giveaways with 2 x CD set mail orders directly from SLN!

30% of every compilation sold (both physical and digital) will be donated to Stop AAPI Hate (20% - - USA) and Elimin8Hate (10% - - Canada).

Wait, what?! We've been around for 10 years?? Oh wow, we've been around for 10 years!! Check out all the rad tunes on this compilation from bands we've worked with, bands we're working with right now and bands we're about to work with. Fun! Thanks to all the bands and friends we've met along the way. Thanks also to everyone that listens and watches and extra thanks to those that help others and help us help others too!


Pressing Information

SLN-210. 100 limited edition 2 x compact disc compilation sets in printed digipack lites (SLN-210) / digital double long player, plus 15 limited edition "All Smashed Up!" hand numbered mono lathe cut companion 7"s on clear vinyl with stamped B sides (SLN-210B), only available as random giveaways with 2 x CD set mail orders via SLN. Released 9/30/21. Digital can be downloaded in MP3, FLAC and/or ALAC formats.


  1. Comatose
  2. ...And Other Claims To Fame Final
  3. Attack The Indolent
  4. Ticonderoga
  5. No Men (Comp Version)
  6. In My Head
  7. I Guess He d Rather Be In Colorado
  8. Sabor A Mi
  9. Rough Sailors (Early Vocal Mix)
  10. Crowded
  11. Mirrors (Comp Version)
  12. Weightless
  13. Get Well
  14. Corvid
  15. Nephew Part
  16. God's Favorite
  17. If He's So Great
  18. Summer Boyfriend (Comp Version)
  19. I Can't Do That Anymore
  20. Tomasa Pop
  21. Big Yikes!
  22. Hey Jelousy
  23. Lola Can't Dance (But Really She Can)
  24. Fuck Art School
  25. Restless Mind
  26. Rotted Wood
  27. Redeem
  28. Sad Little King (Comp Version)
  29. Chlorine
  30. Pale Rider