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Discomfort Creature S/T LP/Digital SLN-233

This LP is coming soon, stay tuned for pre-order and release date details!

LP Running Order:

Side A.
1. Small
2. Discomfort Creature
3. Solid State POS
4. Slumlord
5. Fast Otis

Side B.
6. Droplets
7. Fruit Basket
8. Frozen Out
9. Threshold
10. Bleed It Til It Dies

LP comes with free download!

This LP is an expanded edition of the bands debut self-titled EP that was released in 2021, featuring 3 bonus tracks and a revised running order.


This item is coming soon.

Pressing Information

SLN-233. 300 12" LP's on orange vinyl / digital long player. Co-release with Bearded Punk Records (Belgium) and Monster Zero Records (Austria). Released TBD. Digital can be downloaded in MP3, FLAC and/or ALAC formats.