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The Drolls "Novelty Rock Monthly Singles Club, Vol. One" 7"/Digital SLN-239/NRMSC-001

7" Running Order:

Side A.
Kick Out The Jammies

Side B.
I Am A Data Scientist

7" comes with free download!

This is the first in a new monthly series* that features original songs by The Drolls written in the styles of classic songs by their favorite artists. Vol. One is an homage to the MC5 and Guided By Voices.

The digital-only single is pay-what-you-want. Thanks in advance for your generosity and support!

*Band energy, creative output and vinyl supply chain issues may impact the ability to release a single every month, or even ever again*

There are 50 copies of the 7" that come with an exclusive bonus custom band 7" Adapter (aka 45 Spacer). These copies were exclusive to The Drolls and SLN during the pre-order period. They are now available at Green Noise Records as retail exclusives until they sell out! (


Pressing Information

SLN-239/NRMSC-001. 250 7"s on Café Au Lait vinyl / digital single. 50 copies include a custom band 7" Adapter (aka 45 Spacer). Released 5/19/23. Digital can be downloaded in MP3, FLAC and/or ALAC formats.


  1. Kick Out The Jammies
  2. I Am A Data Scientist