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Armchair Martian

Ft. Collins, CO, USA (Occasionally Active)

How do you describe a band that should be a household name? Armchair Martian formed in 1993 in Ft. Collins, CO. In 1995, the band self-released a demo cassette. Shortly after, they would sign with then-powerhouse Cargo Music/Headhunter Records and tour regularly (including stints with Lagwagon). After Cargo ceased label activities, Armchair Martian moved to Joey Cape's My Records (remember the Lagwagon reference earlier?) after the turn of the century. Around this time, Armchair leader Jon Snodgrass would form Drag The River, a soon-to-be torchbearer for alt-country and Americana, along with Armchair drummer Paul Rucker and ALL singer Chad Price. As the 00's turned to the 10's, Jon would establish himself as a standout solo acoustic artist. Armchair and Drag shows occurred occasionally but rarely. The entire Armchair Martian discography went out of print. Most of it still remains unavailable digitally. Then in 2019, Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings reissued the Armchair Martian "Demo" on cassette/digital and AM played the Blasting Room 25th Anniversary show. The Armchair demo was one of the earliest recordings done at the Blasting Room. Jon is still goin' solo when there's not a pandemic. Now you're all caught up.

Armchair Martian "Demo" Cassette (Reissue)

SLN-178. 100 translucent green cassette tapes, download code included. Released 11/22/19. Out Of Print.