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Vancouver, BC, Canada (Active)

The original idea that guitarist Jiffy Marx and bassist C.C.Voltage had for this project was more about starting a band that would tour to sunny destinations than starting a new wave band, but it was their mutual admiration for punk and power pop that brought the two together. Along with drummer The Silo, the three had been connected through the Vancouver music scene, sharing stages, friends and even band members in seminal acts such as Jerk With a Bomb, The Spitfires, Blood Meridian, Lightning Dust, Hard Drugs, Black Halos, Black Rice and Black Mountain.

Autogramm "Jessica Don't Like Rock 'N' Roll b/w Walk Don't Talk 2 Me" 7"

SLN-134. Pressing Info: 125 black vinyl 7"s in sleeve w/ yellow obi strips, 125 black vinyl 7"s in sleeve w/ red obi strips. Download code included. Split release with Party Product Records. Released 1/6/18. Out Of Print.