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Christmas Bride, The (The Christmas Bride)

Chicago, IL, USA (Active)

Greetings, bridezillas! Davey Hart created the Christmas Bride many years ago to satiate his desire for power pop, new wave, and 70's British punk! Whether or not these vapid genre exercises were successful is for the listener to decide! Now is the time to experience a faster, louder Christmas Bride. Steeped in long forgotten Punk-O-Rama comps and an entry-level preoccupation with classic youth crew hardcore, "Dark Romance of a Midnight Wanderer" is the latest full-length by Mr. Hart as the Christmas Bride- Chicago, IL's premiere one-man band. Singing unexpectedly intelligent songs about food and spiritual stuff like getting over shyness, the Christmas Bride will nestle its way into the hearts of even the most jaded show-goers! Written and recorded over a span of about three years, "Dark Romance..." documents the many ups and downs of Davey exploring his songwriting as a solo artist without a dedicated band. Eventually the album became a collaboration with friends Pasha Pear (The Crustations), Phil Sudderberg (Spirits Having Fun), and Angel Marcloid (Fire-Toolz, Nonlocal Forecast) rotating to fill the drum throne and bring their own energy to Davey’s songs. Additionally, Bret Koontz (Cool Memories, Truancy Club) sang back-up vocals 'cause he's a great singer and there shouldn’t be too many Daveys harmonizing with themselves. All of these contributions created a more mature, complex Christmas Bride record than classic bridezillas are familiar with. A Bride stripped of crude artifice. A Bride of both shadow and light. A Bride who croons about shredded wheat as if it were a tender-hearted yet darkly erotic lover. A Bride who wanders the unseen hills of mind, seeking the next clever wonder. A Bride who isn't afraid to traverse the land of dreams and make-believe. A true Christmas Bride.

The Christmas Bride "Dark Romance Of A Midnight Wanderer" Cassette

SLN-204. 50 white cassette tapes / digital long player, 50 pink cassette tapes / digital long player. Released 6/8/21.