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Dust Heart

Denver, CO, USA (Inactive)

FKA Andy Thomas' Dust Heart. Intense literary indie-Americana. Dust Heart was a broody meditation with focus on lyrics, craftsmanship and personal catharsis.

Dust Heart "The Last Gap + Plastic Walls" Stereo Lathe Cut 7"

SLN-156. 50 hand numbered single sided stereo lathe cut 7"s on clear vinyl with stamped B side labels, download code included. Out Of Print. Dust Heart was previously known as Andy Thomas' Dust Heart.

Andy Thomas' Dust Heart "No Poets" Cassette

SLN-132. 100 clear cassette tapes, download code included. Split release with Sheriff Mike Records. Released 9/14/17. Out Of Print. Andy Thomas' Dust Heart later became Dust Heart.