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Empty Palace

Los Angeles, CA, USA (Active)

Paisley and fringe, rock guitars, screaming Hammonds, glitter rock vocals, arsonous life decisions. Empty Palace is a heavy Space Rock band from Los Angeles, California. They’ve released one 4 song EP from 2013, then followed that up with their 1st full length album "The Serpent Between the Stars". 2021 will see the release of their second album, "Secret Names". Stay tuned!

Empty Palace "Secret Names" Cassette

SLN-192. 100 clear with gold foil liner cassette tapes / digital long player. Released 2/5/21.

Empty Palace "The Serpent Between The Stars" Cassette

SLN-120. 250 clear cassette tapes, download code included. Released 3/31/15. Out Of Print.

Empty Palace S/T EP 7"

SLN-106. 300 7"s on randomly mixed color vinyl, download code included. Released 5/7/13. Out Of Print.