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Lawsuit Models

Denver, CO (Active)

What exactly is the future of pop punk? Is there one? Lawsuit Models don't know the answer to that question, and they don't pretend to know. All this Denver-based four-piece knows is they love it enough to play it unabashedly, unironically, and unceasingly.

Lawsuit Models "Long Drives/Dark Nights" Cassingle

SLN-160. 100 red tint cassette tapes, download code included. Released in partnership with Motorcycle Potluck Records. Released 7/5/19. Out Of Print.

Lawsuit Models "Off The Pavement" LP

SLN-133. 330 12" LP's on mint green/white marble vinyl, download code included. Released 4/7/18.

Lawsuit Models "Dudeman b/w Hot Garbage" 7"

SLN-123. 300 7"s on randomly mixed color vinyl, download code included. Released 10/22/15. Out Of Print.