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Roka Hueka

Denver, CO, USA (Active)

Roka Hueka is a Denver-based Latin ska band which has been creating danceable beats since forming in 2014. From a Criagslist ad, singer Andy Gonzalez found bandmates including drummer Blake Pendergrass and bassist Ric Urrutia. They started out playing ska versions of popular songs and then began to write their own material, mixing in reggae, Afrobeat, hip hop, and punk to create a unique sound rooted in Latinx culture. The result today is a fun, lively, and fierce sound that keeps you moving. Though its sound is unique in its own right, Roka Hueka is perhaps best-known for their lyrics which tackle hard issues like racism and politics. The band also put their lyrics to action and founded Territorio Liberado, a Denver music festival and benefit that supports immigrant rights.

Roka Hueka "Que No Quede Huella b/w Back To You (Version)" 7"

SLN-154. 155 7"s on randomly mixed color vinyl with red obi strips & black text, 155 7"s on randomly mixed color vinyl with black obi strips & red text. Download code included. Released 10/18/19. This Community Collaboration project is fully sponsored by Cereveceria Colorado with 100% of the money raised from the sales of this release benefiting Casa de Paz & Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition, two organizations dedicated to helping struggling immigrants.