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Signal To Trust

Minneapolis, MN (Inactive)

Signal To Trust began with Jonathon Warnberg, Pete Biasi and Dave Storberg a few months after the breakup of The Misfires, the instrumentalists’ prior band, at the turn of the century in Minneapolis, MN. They were joined on vocals by Brandon Onward (Rouse) and played their first show on April 1, 2000. In September of 2000, they recorded 11 songs with Mike Wisti at Albatross in Chicago, IL and left for a West coast tour that October. By spring 2001, Brandon had left the band and the recordings were shelved. Signal To Trust’s would-be debut album, originally slated for April 2001, has finally been released for the first time ever in April 2021. What’s 20 years when the material is this good?!?! Although Signal To Trust would go on to achieve much with different lineups for many years following that first change, the original quartet made a lasting impression. Now a world of keen ears can hear why.

Signal To Trust "Albatross Sessions" Cassette

SLN-195. 100 black cassette tapes / digital long player (plus a few surprise translucent red cassettes). Released 4/16/21.