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Sunday State

Portland, OR, USA (Active)

Sunday State began with Michael Carothers and Kurt Foster, two long-time musicians in the band-breeding ground of the Pacific Northwest who had known each other for 20 years. With nothing more than a casual, "Hey, wanna write a few songs together?" they began digging into instrumental demos Carothers had created. From the moment the two collaborated it was obvious the material taking shape had a particular voice worth exploring further. Recruiting Jeremy Dietz (Mission Spotlight) on bass, Thom Sullivan (The Pynnacles) on drums, and Steve Turner (Mudhoney/Green River) with his signature harmonic fuzz, the band developed a post-punk, campfire sing-a-long sound complete with cinematic landscapes tethered to jangle riffs rooted in their shared influences.

Sunday State S/T Digital Long Player

SLN-212. Digital long player. Released 4/2/21.