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Trinidad, CO, USA (Active)

Hello, Are you, like me, Richard H. Fantastic, a fan of classic punk rock? I’m talking “Decline of Western Civilization,” let’s piss everyone off and scare the olds, fuck the people in charge and fuck you *punk* punk. Meet Townies. A mostly unknown band from a mostly unknown town (Trinidad in very southern Colorado, population about 8500). As of my writing, this four piece has played four total live shows together, but is already signed on with the renowned boutique Denver-based record label Snappy Little Numbers. Their first full length album, Meet the Townies!, grapples with such issues as not liking the Beatles, not liking cops, not liking jazz, and not liking Texas weed tourists. The record truly has something for everyone.

Fond regards,

Richard “Dick” Fantastic
Band PR & Management/Mattress Salesman

Townies "Meet The Townies!" Cassette/Compact Disc

SLN-230. 150 yellow cassettes / digital long player, 300 compact discs in printed jackets / digital long player. Released 6/24/22.