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Young Hellions

Rapid City, SD, USA (Inactive)

One snowy weekend in December 2009, Bryce "The Beast" McPherson and Chuck "Papa Bear" Coffey drove from Denver, CO to Rapid City, SD to start a cross-state project with Johnny "J. Waylon Porcupine" Miller. They gathered for 36 hours and recorded 3 songs with Bryce on vocals/guitar, Chuck on bass/vocals and Johnny on drums/vocals. After a celebratory dinner, Bryce and Chuck drove off into the night back to Denver. Years passed. No band name. No shows. No release. The end. Or was it?! March 2012 saw a limited digital release of these 3 songs billed as the Young Hellions “Singles Still Steady” EP. In 2019 “Singles Still Steady” was resequenced, remastered and rereleased by Young Hellions as an installment in the Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings Hand Dubbed Buddies Club!

Young Hellions "Singles Still Steady" Cassette (HDBC)

SLN-167/HDBC-004. Hand Dubbed Buddies Club custom cassettes (Gold Mail Order Editions or Gray Open Editions). Only available directly from SLN or the artist. Download link included. Released 9/26/19. Out Of Print. This was the fourth installment in the 2019 Hand Dubbed Buddies Club: made to order custom cassettes, hand dubbed and numbered with a personal note from SLN and/or the artist.