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Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings is a semi-professional and fully-awesome record label out of lovely Denver, CO, USA. It is now on the cusp of being a household name the world over. Focused on excellence in music and packaging, SLN is dedicated to the fine art of the analog format, especially vinyl (but maybe a cassette on occasion, or even a compact disc)—both as a vessel of optimum sonic reproduction and a way to cling to our swiftly vanishing youth. We're also pragmatic and deal in digital.

In this store you'll find the in-print releases from the SLN catalog, as well as apparel & accessories plus other fun stuff. Although many of our past releases are out of print/sold out, sometimes the bands (or former members of defunct acts) have a final few copies of things if you want to double check. Also, we now have a Discography section for the curious completists out there! Anything we've released since 2021 can be obtained in digital format from this very web store and our entire catalog is always available digitally on our bandcamp page.

We ship internationally and know it can be expensive. If we're able to get a better rate when we ship orders outside the US, rest assured we'll send a partial shipping refund back.

If you have any questions or comments, drop us a line at

Thank you for conducting commerce with us!

I'm a habitual hand washer and de-sanitizer in daily life and am taking all the additional precautions that I can to continue being as safe a seller and shipper as possible. We're operating as usual at SLNHQ. There may be delivery delays via USPS with their staffing precautions due to COVID-19. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Be safe and be well SLN friends and fans! - Chuck/SLN

Visit our Main Site to see what's up with our additional ventures:

Snappy Little Studios (Recording-Production-Mixing). Run right out of SLN HQ.

Snappy Little Numbers Entertainment (DJ-MC-Officiant Services). Weddings, parties, everything!

Snappy Little Archives (Colorado Front Range Punk & Indie Music History). Many Classic Colorado Front Range audio recordings (original releases pulled from various vaults) can be found among our Discogs listings.

Be sure to check out Indie Rock Daydream too. It's our Screenprinting-Apparel-Merchandise company that's also run out of SLN HQ.