Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings is a semi-professional and fully-awesome record label out of lovely Denver, CO, USA. It is now on the cusp of being a household name the world over. Focused on excellence in music and packaging, SLN is dedicated to the fine art of the analog format, especially vinyl (but maybe a cassette on occasion)—both as a vessel of optimum sonic reproduction and a way to cling to our swiftly vanishing youth.

In this store you'll find the complete SLN catalog. Some releases are out of print and sold out, but we're completists here for reference. We also feature apparel, stickers, buttons and posters as well as a wide selection of classic Denver/Boulder audio recordings and ephemera, plus more!

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Visit our Main Site ( to see what's up with our additional ventures:

Snappy Little Archives (Denver/Boulder Punk History)

Snappy Little Numbers Entertainment (DJ-MC-Officiant Services)

Please also check out Indie Rock Daydream (, a Screenprinting-Apparel-Merchandise company run out of SLN HQ.