V/A "The Anxious Little Friends Companion" Cassette SLN-148

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Side A.
1. Off With Their Heads- I Am You
2. Bad Year- Jefferson Friendship
3. Dirty Few- Piece Of Shit
4. Riverboat Gamblers- Curse Of The Ivory Coast
5. Lawsuit Models- Stumbling Alone
6. Great American House Fire- St. Lynnrad

Side B.
7. The Bollweevils- Fence Sitter
8. SPELLS- Livin' In My Head
9. Friends Of Cesar Romero- Whiskey Or God
10. Hooper- Winter In July
11. BlackDots- It Gets Better
12. Modern Goon- Step Out Of The Shadows

This compilation features the acts from the Anxious Little Friends Fest in Denver, CO (10/12/2018-10/13/2018). A portion of the proceeds from this release will go to Project Worthmore (projectworthmore.org).

Tracks 2, 3, 6, 10 and 12 are previously unreleased.

Out Of Print

Pressing Information

SLN-148. 100 light pink cassette tapes, download code included. Released 10/5/18.