Snappy Little CD Sampler SLN-SV1

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1. Lawsuit Models “r/AskReddit”
2. Autogramm “Jessica Don’t Like Rock ‘N’ Roll”
3. SPELLS “Deceiver”
4. Hooper “Spit Down A Well”
5. Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart “Everything Alive”
6. Bad Year “The Human Tornado”
7. Mail Order Children “Two Steps Back”
8. SPELLS “Leisure Seizure”
9. Empty Palace “What Do We Tell The Family?”
10. Glass Hits “You’re The Icing On The Cake That Never Should Have Been Made”
11. Hooper “Imaginary Lines”
12. 25 Rifles “History Of Flags”

The first CD sampler from us. All orders of any kind get a free Snappy Little Numbers CD sampler (while supplies last)!

You can order one for free and just pay shipping if ya want, otherwise buy some other stuff and get one anyways!

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Pressing Information

SLN-SV1. Standard Edition: 50 CD's. Released 3/9/18. Mispress Edition: Vol. 1 Tracks With Vol. 2 CD Art. 50 CD's. Released 6/28/18.