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SPELLS "Stimulants & Sedatives" LP SLN-177

1. We Can't Relate
2. I'll Never See
3. Nose Dive
4. Reduction In Force
5. The Matador
6. Down Every Road

1. We've Arrived
2. Sick & Tired (Of Being Sick & Tired)
3. West Of Syracuse
4. Break Out
5. I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry

11-song sophomore album from SPELLS, delivered in 2 parts: a Stimulants side and a Sedatives side. Both sides rule, just like SPELLS!

Pressing Information

SLN-177. 100 12" LP's on randomly mixed color vinyl (40 are Limited Release Show Editions w/ screened & numbered art prints), 200 12" LP's on "stimulant" orange vinyl, 200 12" LP's on "sedative" maroon marble vinyl. Download code included. Split release with Rad Girlfriend Records. Released 2/14/20.