Pitch & Bark "Two EPs: Nowhere Near Ohio & Father Hoxy" Cassette SLN-179


This is a pre-order and will ship when the cassettes are in stock. There is a delay as the first run was defective, so they are being repressed. That means the 2/21/20 release date will only apply to the digital release. We'll be sure to post an update on a new physical release date. If you want other stuff now, please order separately, otherwise everything will ship when this release is ready. Thaaanks!

A: Nowhere Near Ohio (Reissue)
1. Nowhere Near Ohio
2. Root
3. Fulcrum

B: Father Hoxy (Remastered Reissue)
4. Father Hoxy
5. Throat
6. Eve
7. Brilliant Armor
8. Terror With Ropes

This cassette features reissues of 2 EPs by Pitch & Bark. The cassette version is the only way to get both EPs on one single release and comes with a full download of all 8 tracks. Each EP is a separate release digitally. Same songs & different cover art, so consumers can make informed choices with confidence!

Pressing Information

SLN-179. 100 sonic yellow cassette tapes, download code included. Split release with Bernlore Records. Released 2/21/20.