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V/A "Charlie Continental's Community Tune Garden, Version 1.1" Cassette (HDBC) SLN-191.1/HDBC-008

1. Joaquin Liebert "Fight My Hells"

2. Mortality "Idyllic"
3. Charlie Continental "Monotony Of Care (Acoustic)"

This is the second compilation featuring original songs recorded for a song-sharing project initiated by Chuck Coffey based off of an idea by Rob Burleson. More info on the project can be found here: Proceeds from digital revenue and physical cassette sales benefit the ACLU (

This is the second and final installment in our 2020 Hand Dubbed Buddies Club: ultra limited cassettes, hand dubbed, hand numbered and personalized. This year we changed things up by only producing HDBC cassettes for a short period, with a production duration ending one month after the initial release date. Consumers can choose either Gold or Gray tapes, no subscription required and either color will be numbered and personalized in green. HDBC cassettes are only available through us or the artists directly!

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SLN-191.1/HDBC-008. Hand Dubbed Buddies Club ultra limited cassettes (gold or gray), hand numbered and personalized. Only available for a limited time (production ended 12/6/20) directly from SLN or the artists. Download link included. Released 11/6/20.