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Rootbeer Richie & The Reveille "Something Like This / The Tide" 7"/Digital SLN-223

7" Running Order:

Side A.
Something Like This

Side A.
The Tide

7" comes with free download and includes a bonus insert in one of three different colorways (selected at random by our expert staff)!

The digital-only single version is pay-what-you-want. Thanks in advance for your generosity and support!

Both songs were released as individual digital singles earlier in 2022. Here they are now as a proper pair to coincide with their double A-side 7" vinyl release.


Pressing Information

SLN-223. 320 double A-side 7"s on Ron Burgundy vinyl with insert / digital single. Released 6/17/22. Digital can be downloaded in MP3, FLAC and/or ALAC formats.


  1. Something Like This
  2. The Tide