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2021 Is Here! We're turning 10 years old!

In case you missed it, we're gonna be making some fun changes for 2021. We've already started with a revamp of our WEB STORE. We're not done yet, but it's still fully operational while under construction. The design has gotten a nice new facelift. We're building a full artist roster section and have completed a full discography section. We've condensed our offerings down to what's currently available so the site is faster to navigate. We're adding preview tracks to our Web Store descriptions and we're now offering full digital releases of all 2021 titles (and onward) in our own Web Store as well as offering physical releases of all 2021 titles (and onward) on our bandcamp. That means that whether you buy from our Web Store or bandcamp, corresponding downloads will now be directly available instead of waiting for download codes to come in with your order. With that, many of our releases will begin moving to pay-what-you-want for digital versions. SLN friends and fans have always been generous, so we're just gonna trust everyone to find their balance of helping artists (and causes still) while maintaining a budget. More info on what else 2021 will bring is forthcoming, but this year will be our 10th Anniversary! We have some cool plans for that. Oh! We've also learned how to use the "news" feature on our Web Store (obviously, you're already here), so we'll be transitioning our updates from our Blog to this site exclusively over the next few months. You'll only have to go to one site for news, music and other paraphernalia. Start checking the newest News right here! The Blog will remain intact as a legacy of nearly 10 great years. Thanks and happy new year!

Love, The Staff

Posted on January 4th, 2021