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SLN-201 Is Here To Begin The 2021 Release Schedule!

The new digital single from Scooter James, "Way Too Heavy b/w Felt The Sun", is out now! It's a nuanced entry into the expansive catalog of one of Colorado's most storied songwriters. Two cool tunes delivered in the stripped back approach that Scooter has been utilizing the last few years. These songs are not the more straightforward acoustic style that lots of punk singers come to when they want to lay back, but are diverse and ethereal pieces that push and pull while still being anchored by an acoustic guitar and warm voice. It's the evolution of your favorite hardcore troubadour, Scooter James. You can download the full digital single from our Web Store HERE or from out bandcamp HERE. It can also be found on all your favorite digitized/streamitized services. Thanks for joining us for another year packed full of great music!

Love, The Staff

Posted on January 12th, 2021