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SLN-211 Shows A New Lion Roaring!

A lion can be loud and fierce, but also subtle and cunning. Those happen to be apt descriptions of the brand new digital long player from Nuevo Leon, “Rust Colored Light”, that’s out now! Trevor McMorris plays one-man-band and takes the listener on a tour of all of his musical influences that span decades, all while having a consistent sound and style that reminds us that they are indeed Trevor’s own songs. That’s a rare feat for any musician and as listeners we’re all rewarded with the quality of work that Trevor put into “Rust Colored Light”. You can snag the digital long player from our Web Store or from our Bandcamp (today is bandcamp Friday too!). You can also find this excellent album on all the standard digital/streaming sites. Nuevo Leon, this new lion, is already finding its way in the world. Imagine the stories that will come as its experiences continue to grow.

Love, The Staff

Posted on April 2nd, 2021