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SLN-212 Is A Sunday Morning Kinda Party!

You know, like it’s 1:00am Sunday morning but really it’s still Saturday night? That’s the kinda party we’re talking about here and the soundtrack is the brand new self-titled Sunday State album! Post-punk campfire songs have never sounded so sweet. This album scratches those itches for the timeless sound of vintage Laurel Canyon as well as the immediacy and impact of 90’s alt-rock. You can grab the digital long player from our Web Store or from our Bandcamp (today is bandcamp Friday too!). You can also find this fantastic album on all the standard digital/streaming sites. But wait, there’s more! This long player will be seeing a pressing on the proper format for long players- 12” vinyl. More info on that later. Until then, enjoy the tunes in 21st century style.

Love, The Staff

Posted on April 2nd, 2021