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As The Headlights Approach, SLN-226 Comes Along With Them!

'Dear In Headlights', the final single that comprises the "Ceremony Of Leaving" EP by Former Lives, has arrived alongside the full EP itself! For anyone that's been collecting the Former Lives digital singles, we wanted to make sure 'Dear In Headlights' was available as a standalone single (it's in our Web Store and on our Bandcamp). That's already worth celebrating, but the even bigger cause for celebration is that the world now has access to the entire "Ceremony Of Leaving" EP as Former Lives (aka Sean Klassen and friends) had envisioned when completing the writing and recording for the record. "Ceremony Of Leaving" comes as a single sided 12" on 180g classic black vinyl and spins at 33.3 RPM. You can obtain a 12" (with download) or the digital-only version from our WEB STORE, as well as our BANDCAMP. The packaging is extra cool, with a die cut jacket and interchangeable cover art inserts that correspond with each of the 5 singles that make up the full EP. We are excited to be releasing this in conjunction with the brand new Former Lives label imprint. The 12" is distributed by Recess Ops, plus you can also find the digital version on all the standard streaming sites. From concept to the final product, Former Lives has delivered a stunning release, both sonically and visually!

Pressing Info: 100 limited edition single sided 12"s on 180g classic black vinyl in die cut jackets with interchangeable cover art inserts / digital extended player.

Love, The Staff

Posted on May 17th, 2022