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Gentlemen Rogues Keep On Swimming Forward With Another Excellent 2022 Release!

It's time for another exciting Gentlemen Rogues announcement! On Friday July 15, Gentlemen Rogues will be releasing “A History of Fatalism” on LP/DG via SLN and our newest friends, Rocket Heart Records. "A History of Fatalism" combines the EP's "A History So Repeating" and "Fatal Music", with each EP being remixed, remastered, and pressed on vinyl for the very first time! The digital long player (and vinyl download) includes three bonus tracks too! The LP will be available on 12” translucent red vinyl from us (or 12” opaque yellow vinyl from RHR, and Gentlemen Rogues will have both colors, so there are plenty of options). As a bonus, LP copies of AHOF come with a DJ copy of the "Do The Resurrection!" 7", while supplies last. Pre-orders for the vinyl and/or digital are now open in our WEB STORE and on our BANDCAMP. All formats include an immediate download of lead single, ‘Black Film’, as well as the full album on release day. 'Black Film’ was reworked from the original version and is also concurrently on all streaming/digital platforms and our own bandcamp sampler as of today. Also, if you missed out on the "Francy b/w I've Got A Match" 7" earlier this year, we have a Gentlemen Rogues 2022 Vinyl Super Saver Bundle in our Web Store for a limited time! We know y’all have been ready for more Gents since both of their excellent SLN 7”s, so this will give you the fix you need until the Rogues deliver their proper debut album.

Love, The Staff

Posted on June 15th, 2022