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It's Time To Get To Know SLN-231!

The brand-new album from Lawsuit Models, "Unknown Ghosts", is officially out everywhere! During the making of “Unknown Ghosts” (the band’s second proper full length), Lawsuit Models experienced growth in the face of adversity. The lull of quarantine gave them time to build out an electrifying batch of songs that play to the unique strengths of each member, resulting in a reinvigoration of the long-running Denver staple. The evidence is obvious from the opening seconds of the album all the way through to the final note. If you missed the pre-order, you can still grab the LP on classic black vinyl (with download) or go digital-only from our WEB STORE, as well as our BANDCAMP. The ace crew at Recess Ops is handling distribution, plus all the best Denver Metro record shops are stocked. “Unknown Ghosts” is a co-release with Motorcycle Potluck Records, another fine Denver imprint. Old and new fans alike are gonna be very pleased with this latest batch of killer Lawsuit Models anthems!

Pressing Info: 200 12" LP's on classic black vinyl / digital long player. Co-release with Motorcycle Potluck Records. Released 7/8/22.

Love, The Staff

Posted on July 8th, 2022