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SLN-209 Is Finally Feelin' Fine!

The Gentlemen Rogues LP “A History Of Fatalism” is upon us! You might have noticed that the catalog number goes back a bit. "A History Of Fatalism" took a while to get pressed due to the vinyl backup. We didn’t want to make our friends and fans to wait a long time for their orders to come in, so all parties decided to slow roll it. Well, it was worth the wait in any case!You may recall that “A History Of Fatalism” combines the EP's "A History So Repeating" and "Fatal Music", with each EP being remixed and remastered. Gentlemen Rogues have never sounded so good! Well, wait… they always sound so good! But y’all get it. If you didn’t get around to pre-ordering the record, fear not. You can still get the LP on translucent red vinyl (with full album download, bonus tracks, and a bonus DJ copy of the “Do The Resurrection!” 7”), or go digital-only from our WEB STORE, as well as our BANDCAMP. The gang at Recess Ops is handling distribution and all the best Denver Metro record shops are carrying it. This record is a co-release with Rocket Heart Records and they have it on opaque yellow vinyl if ya wanna check that out. If you can’t decide and want one of each, Gentlemen Rogues have both colors! The tunes are terrific and timeless, so you really can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose!

Pressing Info: 125 12" LP's on translucent red vinyl / digital long player, 125 12" LP's on opaque yellow vinyl / digital long player. DJ copy of the "Do The Resurrection!" 7" included with LP while supplies last. Co-release with Rocket Heart Records. Released 7/15/22.

Love, The Staff

Posted on July 15th, 2022