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Surprise! Gray Vines And SLN-168 Take Hold!

We love surprises and we hope you do too, dear reader! Please welcome Gray Vines to the SLN family. They bring with them the brand new "Young Hearts" EP, which is officially out today. Not a whole lot is known about Gray Vines. We know they’re from Denver, CO. We know this EP was recorded in 2019. We know we were asked to hold the release indefinitely four years ago. Then we got asked to release it now-ish. The only other thing we know is that this project is a duo featuring Ben Roy and Chuck Coffey of the band SPELLS. Oh, also- we really know most everything about this entire project, but the guys were all like, “keep it vague”. So… "Young Hearts" is available as a single sided stereo lathe cut 12" on clear vinyl with hand stamped & numbered jackets featuring adapted cover art and digital is included of course. The EP can also be snagged as just a digital extended player which features the original full color cover art. You can obtain your preferred format from our WEBSTORE or from our BANDCAMP. The 12" will just be available for mail order initially as there are only 25 copies total. Should there be any left after the first few weeks, look for them to pop up in all the usual spots (Recess Ops, Denver record shops, etc). The EP is also on all the standard digital/streaming sites if you like to jam your jams that way and you can scope the title track on our BANDCAMP SAMPLER. Gray Vines hasn't played their brand of folky Americana indie rock in a live setting yet, but we're pretty sure that won't be the case much longer. Stay tuned!

Pressing Info: 25 single sided stereo lathe cut 12"s on clear vinyl with hand stamped & numbered jackets featuring adapted cover art / digital extended player

Love, The Staff

Posted on February 9th, 2023